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First, let me say 'welcome' to my website.  It is meant to capture everything you need to know regarding the art projects and my life on the homestead.  Feel free to contact me about my art pratice or a visit to my "farm" in the city. 


  • Scott McEwan was born in London, Ontario Canada on November 7th, 1970.  His life extends into the visual arts community which has  played an important role in his development of self.  As an educator, Scott has taught at all levels of the education system from pre-school to university and incorporates the model of self-realization  and inquiry-based learning into the teacher/student dynamic.  

  • The artist’s educational accomplishments include an Honours B.F.A. (Visual Arts), B.Ed. (Visual Arts), French as a Second Language, M.F.A. (Painting/Drawing and Theory), the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (The Ontario Ministry of Education and Training), and a nomination for Rhode’s Scholarship by the Faculty of Arts at The University of Western Ontario.

  • Scott has exhibited in public art institutions, commercial galleries, artist-run centres, alternative spaces and in publications throughout Canada and abroad. These include: Just Men Berlin, Zsa Zsa Gallery, Edward Day Gallery, Headbones Gallery, Spin Gallery, Paul Petro Multiples, YYZ Artists Outlet, Sis Boom Bah Gallery, Forest City Gallery, The London Regional Art Gallery, McIntosh Gallery, Art Gallery of Brandt, Cambridge Art Gallery, NEMAA (Minneapolis), Toronto International Art Fair, and was the cover artist for the Toronto Alternative Art Fair International in 2005.

  • The artist’s work, reviews and opinions/ideas can be found in art journals, national newspapers, magazines, radio and television. These media outlets include: Now Magazine, Eye Weekly, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, Xtra, Fab, Riverside Magazine, LOLA, Film Print, Xtra West, Toronto Life Magazine, Canadian House and Home, CTV News, Bravo Arts News, City TV, Jocko Datapanik, Calgary Arts, Ontario Wrestlers Indy Elite, The London Free Press, Berlin 24,  A Channel, The Londoner, and Wrestling Update Online.

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